10 Most Important Things About Baylor Football Roster

baylor football roster

Baylor football is a force to be reckoned with on the college gridiron. Then knowing all about Baylor football roster is a must. With a rich tradition of excellence and a roster of talented players, it’s no wonder why fans across the country tune in to watch the Bears dominate their opponents on Saturdays.

As the 2021 football season approaches, the focus is shifting to next year’s squad. Baylor’s roster is undergoing some changes, with new players being recruited and current players graduating or entering the NFL draft. So, what can fans expect from the 2023 Baylor football roster?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the current state of Baylor’s football roster and highlight some key players to watch for during next year’s season. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a casual observer of college football, you won’t want to miss this inside look at what’s to come for the Baylor Bears.

Here are the 10 Most Important Things About Baylor Football Roster:


The Baylor Bears football team has a deep and talented roster. With experienced veterans and young newcomers, the Bears have a lot of depth in many positions. On the offensive side of the ball, the Bears have one of the most experienced backfields in college football, with senior quarterback Charlie Brewer returning for his fourth season as a starter. Along with Brewer, running backs Trestan Ebner and John Love returned to lead the rushing attack. On defence, the Bears have a talented linebacking corps that includes Terrel Bernard and Blake Lynch.


Baylor is continuing its strong recruiting efforts on the national level. The Bears are bringing in some of the top high school talent nationwide. Some of those recruits include 4-star cornerback Kaidon Salter, 4-star defensive tackle Ahmarion Harvey, and 3-star wide receivers Seth Morgan, Davion Ervin, and Chris Platt.


The Bears are led by head coach Matt Rhule, who has done a great job recruiting top talent since taking over the program in 2017. Rhule’s staff includes some of the most respected assistant coaches in the nation, including defensive coordinator Phil Snow and offensive coordinator Glenn Thomas.


Baylor has some stars on its roster who could make a difference this season. The Bears have three players committed to the 2021 NFL Draft—defensive tackle Bravvion Roy, safety Jordan Williams and wide receiver Denzel Mims. All three of these players could be first-round picks. Additionally, the Bears have some young stars that could make an impact this season, such as sophomore quarterback Gerry Bohanon and freshman running back JaQuan Hardy.

Transfer Portal:

Baylor has been active in the NCAA transfer portal over the past few years, adding experienced veterans who can make an immediate impact for the Bears. Recent transfers include former USC cornerback Isaac Taylor -Stuart, former Oklahoma State wide receiver Tylan Wallace, and former Georgia Tech quarterback TaQuon Marshall.


The Bears are also bringing in talented newcomers to the mix. The 2021 recruiting class includes 4-star running back Craig Williams, 4-star defensive end Peter Mpagi and 3-star offensive tackle Tyler Powell. These highly -touted recruits will be expected to contribute right away.


The Bears have some key seniors looking to lead the team this season. These players include quarterback Charlie Brewer, running back Trestan Ebner, linebacker Terrel Bernard and safety Christian Morgan. All four of these players should be major contributors this season.


Baylor will be facing some tough competition in 2021. Their schedule includes games against the Big 12’s Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Texas Tech, plus non-conference opponents Ole Miss, Louisiana Tech, and UTSA. The Bears will also face two traditional rivals, TCU and SMU. It will be an exciting football season for the Baylor Bears as they hope to make a run at the Big 12 Championship.


The Bears will be playing their home games at McLane Stadium, which holds 45,000 fans and is located on the banks of the Brazos River in Waco, Texas. The stadium has been recently renovated and provides a great atmosphere for Baylor football games.


Baylor has some great traditions that help make it one of the most unique colleges in the country. One of those traditions is “The Wave,” a tradition during home games where the student section stands up and waves their arms to create an ocean-like movement. The Baylor Singsong is another one of these traditions, where students sing the school song at various sporting events.

baylor football roster

Who is the Head Coach of the Baylor Football Team?

The Head Coach of the Baylor Football Team is Dave Aranda. Aranda was hired as the 25th head coach in Baylor Football history in January 2020. He has had a successful coaching career, most recently leading LSU to a National Championship victory in 2019. Before that, he held defensive coordinator positions at Wisconsin and Utah State, where he succeeded greatly. He also spent time as an assistant coach at Cal and Hawaii.

David Christopher Aranda, an American football coach, was born on September 29, 1976. He currently holds the position of head football coach at Baylor University, which he has held since 2020. Prior to this, he served as the defensive coordinator at several institutions, including LSU, Wisconsin, Utah State, Hawaii, Delta State, and Cal Lutheran.

How Many Players Are on the Roster for Baylor Football?

The Baylor Bears football team currently has a roster of 122 players. This includes 81 scholarship players and 41 walk-ons. Of the 81 scholarship players, there are 58 are on offence and 23 on defence. The team comprises 22 seniors, 28 juniors, 25 sophomores, and 47 freshmen. The roster comprises a diverse group of student-athletes hailing from 12 countries and 29 states.

Baylor Football is looking to build on the previous season’s success in 2021. The Bears have a talented roster, including experienced veterans and highly touted newcomers. With Head Coach Dave Aranda leading the way, the Bears are poised to make a run at the Big 12 Championship this year. The team has an exciting schedule with games against Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Louisiana Tech, and UTSA. With the right combination of talent and coaching, Baylor could have a special season in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some notable players on the Baylor football roster?

Notable players on the Baylor football roster can vary depending on the season and player performance. However, as of my knowledge cutoff, some notable players on the team included Charlie Brewer (quarterback), Terrel Bernard (linebacker), and Tristan Ebner (running back), among others. For the most accurate information, it’s important to stay updated with the current roster and player performance.

How can I access the Baylor football roster?

The official website of Baylor Athletics typically provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Baylor football roster. You can visit the Baylor Bears football page on the official Baylor Athletics website to access the roster. Additionally, local sports news outlets and college football websites often provide roster information and updates.

Are there any highly rated recruits on the Baylor football roster?

Recruits and their ratings can change each year based on recruiting classes and individual player evaluations. To find information about highly rated recruits on the Baylor football roster, you can visit recruiting websites, such as Rivals or 247Sports, which provide rankings and profiles of college football recruits. These websites often feature information on the incoming classes and recruit ratings.

Can I find player statistics and performance details on the Baylor football roster?

Yes, you can find player statistics and performance details on the official Baylor Athletics website or other reputable college football statistics websites. These sources offer comprehensive statistics for each player, including information about their performance in games, season totals, and career statistics. They also provide details on individual achievements, awards, and milestones reached by Baylor football players.

Who is number 26 at Baylor?

In the recent series finale between Baylor baseball and Kansas State University, Hambleton Oliver, a skilled right-handed pitcher, pumped his fist triumphantly after securing a crucial out. He displayed great passion and skill on the field.


The Baylor Bears football roster is full of talented athletes from around the country and the world. With experienced veterans and highly rated recruits, the team looks poised for a successful season. To stay up-to-date with the current roster, player performance, and statistics, you can visit Baylor Athletics’ official website or other reputable college football websites.

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