Best Fifa Video Game Tips And Tricks-2023

Best Fifa Video Game Tips And Tricks-2023

Welcome to the world of FIFA video games, where the thrill of soccer meets the excitement of virtual competition! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your FIFA gaming journey, mastering the game’s mechanics and tactics can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

As we dive into 2023, we bring you the latest and most effective tips and tricks to elevate your skills and dominate the virtual pitch. From dribbling like a pro to executing deadly set-pieces, get ready to discover the best FIFA video game tips and strategies to conquer your opponents and become a true champion. Lace up your virtual boots, and let’s kick off this guide to success in FIFA 2023!

Frist Steps to Master In Video Games

Steps to Master In Video Games

Before diving into advanced strategies, it’s essential to grasp the fundamental aspects of the game. These basics lay the foundation for your progress as a FIFA player.

1. Know Your Controls

Understanding the control scheme is crucial in FIFA. Familiarize yourself with basic movements, passing, shooting, and tackling commands. Practice these controls in the game’s tutorials or skill games to get a feel for the gameplay.

2. Choose Your Team Wisely

Each team in FIFA possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. Some are renowned for their attacking prowess, while others excel in defense. Pick a team that aligns with your playstyle and skill level. As you progress, you can experiment with various teams and find your perfect match.

3. Play Career Mode

Embark on a journey in Career Mode to develop your skills as a manager and player. This single-player mode allows you to control a team and make critical decisions on and off the pitch. Career Mode offers an immersive experience that can significantly enhance your overall understanding of the game.

4. Enhancing Your Gameplay

Once you have a solid grasp of the basics, it’s time to level up your FIFA gameplay with more advanced tips and tricks.

5. Master Skill Moves

Skill moves are flashy and effective techniques to outmaneuver your opponents. Learn some basic skill moves like step-overs, ball rolls, and drag-backs, and gradually progress to more complex moves like the rainbow flick or the elastico. Skill moves can be the difference-maker in tight matches.

6. Perfect Your Defense

A strong defense is just as important as a potent offense in FIFA. Practice timing your tackles and jockeying to disrupt your opponent’s attacks effectively. Avoid reckless challenges that may result in penalties or unnecessary bookings.

7. Use Set-Piece Strategies

Set pieces, such as free-kicks and corners, provide excellent scoring opportunities. Experiment with different set-piece strategies, and don’t forget to practice your free-kick taking and corner delivery skills.

How Player Switching Works?

Player switching in FIFA video games refers to the mechanism that allows you to control different players on your team during a match. Proper player switching is essential for effective defending and positioning on the field. The way player switching works may vary slightly depending on the specific FIFA version you are playing, but here are the general principles:

  1. Manual Player Switching: By default, player switching is often set to “Manual” in FIFA games. In this mode, you have full control over which player you want to control at any given time. You can manually switch to any outfield player on your team using the right analog stick (RAS) or by pressing a specific button dedicated to player switching. The player closest to the ball or the ball-carrier is usually the default selection.
  2. Auto Player Switching: Some players prefer to use “Auto” player switching, which allows the game to automatically select the player closest to the ball or the ball-carrier. The game’s artificial intelligence (AI) decides the player to control based on proximity to the ball or the context of the play.
  3. Semi-Assisted and Assisted Player Switching: In some FIFA games, you may have the option to choose between different levels of assistance in player switching. “Assisted” player switching provides more AI assistance in selecting players, while “Semi-Assisted” strikes a balance between manual and assisted switching.
  4. Player Switching Direction: In addition to manually selecting a player, you can also influence the direction of player switching using the right analog stick. Moving the RAS in the desired direction can help you switch to the player you want more accurately.
  5. Pre-Game Settings: Before starting a match, you can adjust player switching settings in the game’s menu to suit your preferences. This includes choosing between manual or assisted player switching and setting the level of assistance.
  6. Tactical Defending: FIFA games often use “Tactical Defending,” which requires players to use positioning, timing, and skill moves to win the ball back. Proper player switching is crucial in tactical defending to maintain pressure on the opposition and prevent scoring opportunities.

It’s essential to practice player switching to become proficient in controlling the right player at the right time. Many players prefer manual player switching as it gives them more control over their defensive strategy and positioning. However, it’s a matter of personal preference, and you can choose the player switching mode that suits your play style best.

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Tips and Tricks to Dominate in FIFA Video Games

Tips and Tricks to Dominate in FIFA Video Games

1. Attacking Strategy: When attacking, focus on building up play patiently and maintaining possession. Use quick, short passes to move the ball around and create openings in the opponent’s defense. Look for through balls and lob passes to exploit spaces behind the defensive line. Utilize the sprint button strategically, as constant sprinting can make your players fatigued and reduce accuracy. Be mindful of the offside trap, and time your runs well to stay onside when making attacking moves.

2. Scoring Goals: To increase your chances of scoring, practice different shooting techniques. Time your shots well, and consider using finesse shots for more accurate finishes. When one-on-one with the goalkeeper, try using skill moves to beat them, or perform chip shots to surprise them. Additionally, headers can be deadly in set-piece situations, so practice your timing and positioning during corners and free-kicks.

3. Training Drills: Most FIFA games offer training modes where you can practice various aspects of the game. Utilize these drills to improve your skills, such as shooting drills to hone your finishing, dribbling drills to improve ball control, and defensive drills to strengthen your tackling and positioning. Regularly engaging in training exercises will make you more confident and proficient in different aspects of the game.

4. Defensive Mastery: A solid defense is vital to winning matches. Focus on maintaining proper shape and positioning when defending. Use the contain button (or jockeying) to pressure the opponent without diving into tackles recklessly. When you do make a tackle, try to win the ball cleanly. Avoid committing too many players forward during counter-attacks, as it may leave you vulnerable at the back. Be patient in defense and wait for opportunities to win back possession.

5. Reading Opponent’s Play: Pay attention to your opponent’s playing style and adapt accordingly. If they prefer to use the wings for attacks, try to close down the flanks and limit their crosses. If they tend to use skill moves often, anticipate their moves and defend proactively. Scouting your opponent before matches, especially in online modes, can give you valuable insights into their tendencies.

6. Utilize Player Instructions: In FIFA games, you can set specific instructions for individual players. Use this feature wisely to tailor your team’s performance. For example, you can instruct your full-backs to overlap or stay back while attacking, or your midfielders to make forward runs or focus on defense. Customizing these instructions can enhance your team’s effectiveness in various situations.

7. Team Chemistry: Build strong team chemistry by using players from the same club, league, or nation. Higher chemistry improves player positioning and understanding on the field. Having players who complement each other’s playing styles can lead to better passing and movement, both in attack and defense.

8. Practice and Patience: FIFA games require practice and patience to master. Don’t get discouraged by losses; instead, learn from your mistakes and try to improve with each game. Play against different opponents to gain experience and adapt to various play styles. The more you play, the better you’ll understand the mechanics and strategies that work best for you.

By implementing these tips and tricks, you can elevate your FIFA gameplay and increase your chances of achieving success, whether it’s scoring goals, beating opponents, or becoming a formidable force on the virtual pitch. Enjoy the game, have fun, and keep honing your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ-1: How Can I Improve My FIFA Gameplay?

Answer: To enhance your FIFA gameplay, consider practicing regularly to improve your skills. Focus on mastering basic controls, passing, and shooting techniques. Analyze your matches to identify areas for improvement. Learning from tutorials, watching professional players, and participating in online communities can also provide valuable insights. Remember, patience and perseverance are key to becoming a better FIFA player.

FAQ-2: How to Play FIFA 23 Effectively?

Answer: Playing FIFA 23 effectively requires adapting to the game’s mechanics and changes. Stay updated with the latest patches and updates to optimize your experience. Practice different strategies and formations, understanding how they influence gameplay. Mastering skill moves, team chemistry, and player roles can significantly impact your performance. Stay disciplined, remain composed during matches, and always be open to learning from both victories and defeats.

FAQ-3: How Do You Become a Pro on FIFA?

Answer: Becoming a pro on FIFA demands dedication and hard work. Invest time in improving your gameplay skills and understanding the game’s meta. Participate in competitive tournaments and leagues to gain experience against skilled opponents. Watch and learn from professional FIFA players’ gameplay and strategies. Joining or forming a team can provide valuable teamwork experience. Consistency, resilience, and a willingness to learn from mistakes are vital on the journey to becoming a FIFA pro.

FAQ-4: How to Win FIFA 22 Easily?

Answer: While there is no guaranteed way to win easily, you can improve your chances by honing your skills. Practice different playstyles and find one that suits your strengths. Focus on defending effectively and utilizing counter-attacks when the opportunity arises. Mastering set-piece plays can also provide an edge. Remember that winning takes time, and it’s essential to maintain a positive attitude, adapt to your opponents, and continuously learn and evolve your gameplay.


Becoming a top FIFA player requires a combination of practice, understanding the game mechanics, and employing effective strategies. By mastering the basics, enhancing your gameplay, and incorporating advanced strategies, you can elevate your FIFA skills and experience the thrill of virtual soccer at its best. Remember, patience and perseverance are key, so keep practicing and refining your techniques to become a formidable force on the virtual pitch.

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