Is American Football Popular in England? An Analysis of Its Popularity & Impact

Is American Football Popular in England?

Did you know that American football has been gaining popularity in England recently? Despite being a country known for its love of soccer, the sport of American football has managed to carve out a niche for itself across the pond. So, if you’re wondering whether American football is popular in England, the answer might surprise you.

With the rise of the NFL International Series, which brings regular-season games to London, and the development of domestic American football leagues, more and more Brits are getting involved in the sport. It’s not just a fad, either – American football in England has been steadily growing and attracting a loyal fan base.

In this article, we’ll dive into the reasons behind the popularity of American football in England, exploring the factors that have contributed to its rise and examining the future of the sport within the country. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about the crossover of American sports in England, keep reading to discover the exciting world of American football across the pond.

Is American Football Popular in England?

Yes, American football has gained some popularity in England, although it is not as popular as soccer (football), rugby, or cricket. The National Football League (NFL) has made efforts to promote American football in the United Kingdom through initiatives such as the NFL International Series, where regular-season NFL games are played in London. These games have attracted significant attention and attendance, showcasing a growing interest in American football among the British audience.

While American football may not be as deeply rooted in English sports culture as some other sports, its visibility has increased over the years, and fan communities, youth leagues, and amateur teams contribute to its presence in the country. The Super Bowl, the NFL championship game, is also watched by a considerable number of viewers in England, often with dedicated viewing events in sports bars and venues.

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Why is American football popular in England?

Why is American football popular in England?

American football’s popularity in England can be attributed to several factors:

1. Globalization and Exposure: With the advent of the internet and international television coverage, American football has become more accessible to audiences worldwide, including England. Fans can watch games, highlights, and analysis online, creating a global fanbase.

2. NFL International Series: The NFL’s initiative to bring regular-season games to London through the International Series has significantly popularized American football in England. These games allow local fans to experience the sport live and up close.

3. Spectacle and Entertainment: American football is known for its high-octane gameplay, halftime shows, and elaborate stadium experiences. The combination of athleticism, strategy, and entertainment makes it attractive to many audiences.

4. Cultural Exchange: British audiences are accustomed to their own sports, like soccer and rugby, and introducing American football offers a fresh and intriguing experience. Different rules, tactics, and terminology can pique curiosity and engagement.

5. Athlete Personalities: The larger-than-life personas of American football players, both on and off the field, capture the attention and interest of fans. Athletes like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Odell Beckham Jr. transcend the sport and become global icons.

6. Youth and Amateur Leagues: The growth of youth and amateur American football leagues in the UK has created a grassroots foundation for the sport. Young athletes and enthusiasts participate, contributing to the growth of the fanbase.

7. Fantasy Football and Betting: Engaging in fantasy football leagues and sports betting has become a popular way for fans to immerse themselves in American football further. This involvement intensifies interest and understanding of the sport.

8. Sports Culture Diversity: Fans appreciate various sports in an increasingly interconnected world. The emergence of American football alongside traditional British sports enriches the overall sports culture.

9. Special Events and Media Coverage: Events like the Super Bowl attract international attention, including in the UK. Media coverage, pre-game shows, and advertisements build anticipation and excitement among fans.

10. Community and Fandom: American football fans’ sense of community and camaraderie fosters a shared passion for the sport. Local fan clubs and watch parties create a supportive environment.

How Popular is American Football in the UK?

American football has steadily grown in popularity across the UK over the past decade. The NFL first became aware of their UK fanbase during their International Series staged in 2007, and since then, it has become increasingly popular each year. This is especially seen by the number of people who stay up all night to watch Super Bowl Sunday and an increasing number of bars and restaurants that now show the games.

The 2017 season saw major success for the sport in the UK as two world-class events took place at Wembley Stadium and Twickenham Stadium with attendance figures hitting over 80,000 spectators at each game. Furthermore, an astonishing 23 million viewers were watching on free-to-air television.

The 2019 season will see even more growth for American Football in Britain with four regular season games taking place across two venues: the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Wembley – where fortunes Jacksonville Jaguars will be making their sixth consecutive appearance. With these opportunities within reach, there is no doubt that American Football will continue to grow stronger throughout the UK.

Why do American sports continue to grow in popularity in the UK?

1. Global Reach of Media: The availability of international sports channels and online streaming platforms has made it easier for people in the UK to access and follow American sports events, leading to increased exposure and interest.

2. International Games and Events: The organization of international games and events, such as the NFL International Series in London, has provided British fans with the opportunity to watch live American sports action in their own country, creating a direct connection to the sports and its athletes.

3. Cultural Exchange: The sharing of cultural influences through media, movies, and TV shows has introduced American sports to UK audiences, fostering curiosity and interest in trying new forms of entertainment.

4. Variety and Novelty: American sports offer a fresh and novel experience for UK audiences, who may be more accustomed to traditional British sports. The different rules, strategies, and play styles can intrigue and engage new fans.

5. Athlete Popularity: The rise of charismatic and talented American athletes has drawn attention and admiration from global audiences, including the UK. High-profile athletes often become ambassadors for their sports and attract a fan following.

6. Sports Tourism: International events like the Super Bowl and NBA games attract sports enthusiasts worldwide, including the UK. This boosts the profile of American sports and fosters a sense of community among fans.

7. Social Media and Online Communities: Social media platforms have enabled fans to connect, discuss, and share their passion for American sports. Online communities provide a space for fans to gather and interact, regardless of geographical location.

8. Globalization of Sports Culture: Sports cultures from different regions intertwine as the world becomes more interconnected. This has led to a more diverse and inclusive sports landscape where fans appreciate various athletic disciplines.

9. Sports Betting and Fantasy Leagues: Participation in fantasy sports leagues and sports betting has grown in popularity in the UK. This has increased engagement with American sports, as fans follow the games and players more closely.

10. Marketing and Promotion: The sports industry invests in marketing and promotion efforts to attract international audiences. This includes tailoring content and events to appeal to a global fan base.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Is American football popular in England?

Answer: Yes, American football’s popularity is rising throughout the UK. The sport has gained significant traction recently, with a growing fan base and increased access to football games through channels like Sky Sports and Channel 4. The NFL London Games have played a crucial role in promoting the sport to a wider audience. Stadiums such as Wembley Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and Twickenham Stadium have hosted regular season games, attracting both American football fans and curious spectators.

FAQ 2: Are there any British-American football associations?

Answer: Yes, the British American Football Association (BAFA) oversees and supports the sport’s growth in the UK. BAFA governs various leagues and competitions, providing guidance and resources for both professional and amateur American football clubs and teams.

FAQ 3: Can American players participate in American football events in England?

Answer: Absolutely! American players are welcomed and encouraged to participate in American football events in England. Many American athletes have participated in the NFL London Games, exhibition games, and international series. Notable players like Jay Ajayi and Alex Collins have showcased their talents in these events.

FAQ 4: How does the time difference affect American football games in England?

Answer: The time difference can challenge fans in England as most American football games are played in the United States during the evening. However, with the sport’s increasing popularity, broadcasters often provide live coverage of games, allowing British fans to watch matches in real time. Alternatively, later recorded matches can be accessed through NFL Network or various social media channels.

FAQ 5: Do European markets have a strong interest in American football?

Answer: Yes, American football has gained significant interest in European markets. With international games being played in England and other European countries, audiences have had the opportunity to experience the excitement of American football firsthand. The sport continues to attract new fans, and its popularity is steadily growing among soccer fans and sports enthusiasts throughout Europe.


American football is gaining popularity in England. With increased exposure through various media channels, international games, online communities, and betting markets, the sport is appealing to a wide range of audiences. Additionally, the British American Football Association (BAFA) provides guidance and resources for professional and amateur clubs to ensure that the sport continues growing in the UK.

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