when was the last time vanderbilt beat alabama in football?

What is The Record for Vanderbilt Football Against Alabama

Curious about When was the Last Time Vanderbilt Beat Alabama in Football? Vanderbilt’s last win against Alabama in football was on September 8, 1984. vanderbilt’s football team has been playing against Alabama since 1903 and has only beaten them four times. The last time Vanderbilt beat Alabama was on September 8, 1984, in Nashville, Tennessee.

The game ended with a score of 30-21 in favor of the commodores. Vanderbilt’s win was largely due to their defense, which forced five turnovers throughout the game. Vanderbilt’s current head coach, Derek Mason, has yet to defeat Alabama during his tenure with the team.

In recent years, Alabama has dominated the sec and college football as a whole, making it difficult for any team to secure a win against them. However, Vanderbilt remains determined to one day defeat Alabama once again.

When was the Last Time Vanderbilt Beat Alabama in Football?

The last time Vanderbilt beat Alabama in football was on September 10th, 1984. The Commodores defeated the Crimson Tide by a score of 23-22 in Birmingham. This marked the first win for Vanderbilt over Alabama in 22 years. It was also the first time Vanderbilt had beaten Alabama since their legendary 1975 “Miracle at Memorial Stadium” victory. Vanderbilt would go on to finish that season with a 5-6 record, while Alabama went on to win the SEC and finish with an 11-1 record.

What is The Record for Vanderbilt Football Against Alabama?

The record for Vanderbilt football against Alabama is 24-98-3. This means that Vanderbilt has only won 24 out of the 127 games they have played against Alabama since their first meeting in 1904. Vanderbilt last beat Alabama in 2007, when they defeated the Tide 17-16. It was a memorable upset win for the Commodores as they overcame a 14-point deficit to pull off the win.

Since the 2007 victory, Vanderbilt has struggled against Alabama, notching only three wins in their last 11 meetings. The Commodores have certainly had their share of close calls over the years, but they have yet to find a way to get over the hump and secure another win against the Crimson Tide.

In recent years, Vanderbilt has been hampered by injuries and a lack of depth on both sides of the ball, making it difficult to compete against Alabama’s talented roster. With a new head coach in Derek Mason and a renewed focus on recruiting, Vanderbilt may be able to turn things around and start competing with Alabama again.

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What is The Record for Vanderbilt Football Against Alabama let's see

Analysis Of The Teams’ Strengths And Weaknesses Leading Up To The Game

Here’s a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each team leading up to their upcoming game:


  • Strengths:
  • Vanderbilt has a strong defensive line that led to its second shutout of the season in its win against Mississippi State.
  • Vanderbilt’s red-zone offense is impressive, scoring on all but one of their possessions so far this year.
  • Weaknesses:
  • Vanderbilt’s inability to find consistency with their offense has been an issue—their 15.3 points per game rank second-to-last in the sec.
  • Vanderbilt’s quarterback, ken seals, has thrown four interceptions in four games and needs to find a way to lower that number.


  • Strengths:
  • Alabama’s offense is ranked as the sec’s top passing attack, averaging 393.3 yards per game.
  • Alabama has a balanced attack on the offensive side, with Heisman-hopeful quarterback mac jones leading the charge.
  • Weaknesses:
  • Alabama’s defense has struggled against the pass, conceding the second-most yards per game in the sec.
  • Alabama has suffered a few injuries this season, and its starting defensive back, Jordan Battle will miss the first half of the Vanderbilt game due to a targeting penalty.

Now that you understand the rivalry’s background and each team’s strengths and weaknesses, it’ll be intriguing to see how the game turns out. Would Vanderbilt create an upset and beat Alabama, or would Alabama maintain its winning streak against Vanderbilt? Only time will tell.

When was the Last Time Vanderbilt Beat Alabama in Football

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Has Vanderbilt Beaten Alabama In Football?

Vanderbilt has beaten Alabama in football 13 times, the last time being in 2007. The Commodores pulled off the upset of the Crimson Tide with a 16-13 victory at Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville. It was Vanderbilt’s first win over Alabama since 1971 and their first win at home against the Crimson Tide since 1969

What Is The Vanderbilt Vs? Alabama Football Rivalry Like?

The Vanderbilt vs. Alabama football rivalry is long-standing between two of the oldest SEC schools in the south. While Alabama has historically been the more dominant team, Vanderbilt has managed to pull off some memorable wins over the years. The last time Vanderbilt beat Alabama in football was November 28, 2020, when they defeated the Crimson Tide by a score of 31-24.

How Has Vanderbilt’S Football Team Performed In Recent Years?

Vanderbilt’s football team has been on a roller coaster ride in recent years. After winning nine games in 2012, they dropped to only two wins in 2013 and three in 2014. The Commodores returned to winning ways in 2015 with six wins and a bowl appearance. However, Vanderbilt took a massive step back in 2016 with only four wins, followed by five wins the next year and another six in 2018. After a four-win season in 2019, Vanderbilt improved to five wins in 2020.

What Is The Outlook For Vanderbilt’S Football Team Shortly?

The outlook for Vanderbilt’s football team is uncertain in the near future. After a rough 2020 season, the Commodores are looking to get back on track and compete for an SEC title. That said, they have their work cut out for them as they face off against some of the best teams in the conference.


Vanderbilt has beaten Alabama 13 times in football, the last being in 2007. The rivalry between the two teams is long-standing and intense. While Alabama has historically been more dominant, Vanderbilt has managed to pull off some memorable wins over the years.

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